Tree Service, Tree Pruning & Tree Removal Service in Albany & Rensselaer, NY

Tree Service, Tree Pruning & Tree Removal Service in Albany & Rensselaer, NY

Count on A&J Lawncare and Tree Service for all your tree service needs

We offer affordable tree service including tree removal, stump grinding, heavy pruning and lot clearing services. Whether you're maintaining a residential or commercial property, A&J Lawncare provides tree services to help your property look it's best. Don't let fallen, damaged or diseased trees become a safety hazard.

We offer emergency tree removal service

Did a storm bring down a tree onto your property? Do you have large, cracked tree branches dangling near your home? If your house or family is in danger from a diseased or damaged tree, we can come out and quickly remove the critical parts of the tree to ensure your immediate safety. We are fully insured, and are also experienced in helping with your homeowner's insurance claim.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal in Albany & Rensselaer, NY

Whether you already have an unsightly tree stump in your yard, or we remove a tree for you. After the tree is removed, we can also remove the stump and roots with a stump grinder. Our stump grinder will quickly remove the stump and surrounding roots leaving your with a clean area that you can replant in again. Don't waste days trying to remove a stump. Let our stump grinding professional tree service get rid of those stumps in a matter of minutes.

Heavy tree pruning in the Albany & Rensselaer, NY area

Do you have an old, large tree that is too big for you to prune? Have the large tree branches become a hazard by overhanging your home or property? Let A&J Lawncare and Tree Service prune your trees and remove the branches and debris. Tree pruning adds beauty to your property, protects against falling branches, and can restore health and vitality to older trees. Our experienced tree service professionals have the knowledge, skills and experience to safely prune your trees. Call A&J Lawncare and Tree Service today. Give us a call at (518) 221-2087.